The English Haiku?!

Haikus are surely the ultimate form of poetry. I didn’t realise until recently that the English haiku is seen as a distinct form, altered from the age-old haiku from Japan for reasons explained here.

What is poetry for but to express universal ideas in as succinct a way as possible? What provides more scope for creativity than the strictest parameters of form?

Fine: these are clearly my ideas of what poetry is for, since plenty of celebrated poets are not interested in applying these concepts.

One of my favourite haikus:

Love is not complex
It demands an absent mind
And a present heart


For Christmas, I wrote two haikus: one for my Gran (who used to be a pharmacist) and one for my brother Jamie.

In her pharmacy
With laughter’s analgesic
Wisdom is dispensed
For my Gran
His music carries
Echoes of the harmony
Felt in his presence

For my brother Jamie
I’d love to see more haikus in the comments if you have favourites…

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