Poetry First Steps

When I first discovered the immensely therapeutic activity of writing poetry, I experimented with different rhymes and rhythms. Stephen Fry’s book The Ode Less Travelled helped me a lot. Here are a few of the little pieces I wrote: the first just happens to be about Barcelona, the city I have just moved to!

In Barcelona, people meet
For coffee and a cigarette.
Behind them, others search in bins
For anything their hands can get.

Someone’s got me hot and bothered;
She’s the focus of my passion.
Love and lust are friendly neighbours:
Which you choose comes down to fashion.

Beaches, pebbles, sand and water,
Let’s jump in before it’s colder.
Windy lashes, salty splashes,
Never ever getting older.

If you’re driving, then come to north London, and head for the famous Green Lanes;
(But you’ve gone much too far if you find there are gherkins and bridges and cranes);
After the basketball court, on your left, it’s the third little road;
Across from the junk shop you’ll see forty-seven, our humble abode.

Most of us never think much about something like Dead Cows.
Many a time have we eaten them, calling it Roast Beef.
Thousands of veggies are calling us hypocrites Right Now.
Don’t they have a point?


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