This month I have been privileged to be one of three musicians performing as part of A Columbine Classroom, the latest play by David Ncube. I feel honoured that almost all my friends and family have made the effort to come and see the show. The cast and director make one of the most friendly and fun groups of people I’ve ever worked with. The play is about a playwright who is trying to write about the Columbine tragedy and other mass murders by remembering the victims. However, ghosts of his victims, some who exist only in the play he has written, repeatedly come on to the stage and interrupt him with their meandering thoughts, condemning him for not remembering them accurately. As I see it, the play at its heart is an exploration of the impossibility of the artist’s endeavour. Words and images can never allow us to represent the truth one hundred per cent, yet representation is the reason they exist.

A Columbine Classroom



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