Autobiography Of Red

Write the autobiography of red. #CollageCreativeChallenge   Autobiography Of Red I am ancient. I was born of an explosion. You can still see it in the vastness of the sky at dusk. I have never learned anything or taught anything. I just am. I live in the Hall of Capesthorne, your anger, holly berries, and […]

Write the history of a scent

I poem I wrote for this week’s #CollageCreativeChallenge prompt ‘Write the history of a scent’. To keep us writing during lockdown.   Freshly Cut Grass Lessons are on pause. I can dally and dance in the pungent playscape and smell a future memory carrying the air in its musty tangle. Irreverent green. Kempt by […]

Write About Rain

A month into lockdown. Here are two poems in response to the Collage Creative Challenge week 2.  The prompt was ‘Write about rain’.   Bud And Crumbs My heart is a pregnant cloud. If its waters broke would I smell rain on the limestone pavement again and taste the bitter afterlick of post-cigarette kisses? […]

A taster of my book…

I’m preparing the mailing list to let you know when my novella is published. Sign up here.   Below is a taster of the book. Still a way to go, but I just submitted the third draft to my Critique Group and it is a huge relief! Thanks for your support. I hope you enjoy […]

A Busy November

I’ve been lucky enough to have shared my poetry in 4 events in the last 9 days or so. It was a lot, but being around the other poets really helped to remind me of the urgency of sharing ourselves through the work that we create. The works shared were full to the brim of […]

something to burn

My poem ‘something to burn’ has recently been published in Issue 3 of Parentheses. It’s a Barcelona poetry magazine that publishes poems in English, Spanish, Catalan (and other languages), all with their English translations. I wrote the poem last year about some memories of Bonfire Night, hardly expecting that the first reading would be very […]

Opera and Me: It’s Complicated

Opera is not changing quickly, at least as far as I know. What might well disrupt it soon is the availability of online streaming with services like That, and glorious initiatives such as New York’s bold ‘Mile Long Opera’ from last year (wish I’d been there!). With so many more people able to access […]

Merry Christmas and By The Way Please Write

Some days get tainted by a bitter taste; It ain’t wasted if it’s faced. Thomas Dybdahl, Easy Tiger   When we start to write, or create stories in any medium, something wonderful happens. We begin to self-identify as ‘artists’. We see our lives from a fresher, fuller perspective. Viewed through the artist’s lens, life is no longer a series of […]