A Busy November

I’ve been lucky enough to have shared my poetry in 4 events in the last 9 days or so. It was a lot, but being around the other poets really helped to remind me of the urgency of sharing ourselves through the work that we create. The works shared were full to the brim of […]

something to burn

My poem ‘something to burn’ has recently been published in Issue 3 of Parentheses. It’s a Barcelona poetry magazine that publishes poems in English, Spanish, Catalan (and other languages), all with their English translations. I wrote the poem last year about some memories of Bonfire Night, hardly expecting that the first reading would be very […]

Opera and Me: It’s Complicated

Opera is not changing quickly, at least as far as I know. What might well disrupt it soon is the availability of online streaming with services like OperaVision.eu. That, and glorious initiatives such as New York’s bold ‘Mile Long Opera’ from last year (wish I’d been there!). With so many more people able to access […]

Merry Christmas and By The Way Please Write

Some days get tainted by a bitter taste; It ain’t wasted if it’s faced. Thomas Dybdahl, Easy Tiger   When we start to write, or create stories in any medium, something wonderful happens. We begin to self-identify as ‘artists’. We see our lives from a fresher, fuller perspective. Viewed through the artist’s lens, life is no longer a series of […]

Health and Safety?

Sailing over the threshold, I hear Sally give a shout. Ahead of me should be the next carriage of the train. A split-second of breeze on my face and I register the darkness – fast-moving darkness in the shape of Ukranian farmland. … This is the start of my anecdote Health and Safety which has just been […]

A Note on Facebook Sharing

To share or not to share? I always feel uncomfortable sharing positive things on Facebook, as they are inevitably the 1% diamond in the rough vs. 99% of many, many failed attempts and difficult days, which don’t get posted about. Facebook can be damaging to our mental health for this reason. On the other hand, […]